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A.B.Pharma Hygiene Specialist
   Customer Services
We believe there are attributes of services that make our customers satisfied.
We pleased to share expertise with you.

We have the solutions that satisfy your inquiries.

Taking orders
We take your orders by phone, fax or mail & take fast action.

Following up
We have the best after-sale service.
   Our Goals
1. Make Customer satisfaction Our Top Priority.
2. Build an effective and enduring relationship with our customers.
3. Provide Our Clients With real-time integration solutions.
4. Improve Our Services Continuously to meet unexpected future customers needs.
5. Provide relevant, timely, and accurate information which easy to understand.
   And We Will Achieve it By
1. Ensure accurate, up-to-date, accessible instructions to support our customers.
2. Listen to our customers to determine their expectations and whether those expectations are being met.
3. We will monitor customer complains and inquiries to determine how our company can solve the problem in a proper way.
4. We will use customer feedback to develop our costumer service plan.
5. Coordination between outdoor & indoor communication to provide fast action that satisfy the customers.
6. Fully develop a customer care support system, this system enables the customer service staff to record information about a customer call or inquiry and maintain it on a database, this information is then accessible for updating the next time that customer contact us.
We will be pleased to receive your

- Suggestions
- Questions
- Taking orders & advising your selection of products
- Discussing supply options to offering customized support
- Provide information and discuss all your requests On the following
  Mail:  cs@abpharma.com.eg
  Tel.:  (+202) 2593 1459
  Fax:  (+202) 2593 1467
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